Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Hazard Driving Checklist

As we enter the fall season, new driving hazards present themselves and affect our lives on the road. With sharp glares, frequent showers and puddles concealed with leaves, the fall brings about new surprises for even the most responsible drivers.
Before the flurries fall, get your auto needs in order. Prepare for safer driving with these quick car maintenance tips, and ensure your auto insurance offers the best coverage at a competitive price.

Help reduce potential accidents that occur in more extreme driving conditions. Follow these five fix-it tips to help deter fall driving hazards this year.

Fall Hazard Driving Checklist
  1. Change your wiper blades.
    If you haven't changed your blades in a couple years, you'll find that this inexpensive and easy process really helps reduce glare from dust and debris buildup. When the rains come you'll feel prepared.
  2. Check tire treads.
    Tread thickness should be more than 1/16 inches. Your tire will display its built in indicator when it's time for a replacement. Colder temperatures and wet surfaces can make driving with bald tires disastrous, so a small amount of extra tread could help you gain more grip to the ground.
  3. Test your old battery.
    Your automobile will use more electricity in the colder climates, which will require work from your electrical system. Check your battery's voltage to ensure it keeps a proper charge. Are the cables in good condition?
  4. Maintain your car's fall essentials.
    Morning frost is best eliminated if the defroster is working properly. Make sure your head lights and fog lights are operational and aligned. Fill anti-freeze and oil reservoirs. Replace brake pads before the black ice arrives.
  5. Avoid fall driving hazard money pits.
    Running errands could get more difficult on the road ahead, so pay registration and insurance fees on time or in advance. Check for roadside assistance deals with your insurer and don't get caught in an accident without coverage.

See you on the road!


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