Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wrongful Death

There are Many Types of Wrongful Death Cases

At the wrongful death law firm of Bressman Law we have seen many cases of negligence that result in fatal accidents. Some of the types of accidents that may result in death include:

• medical malpractice;
• vehicle or airplane crash;
• workplace hazards or substances;
• criminal behavior; and
• death in a supervised situation.

This is just a brief list of situations that may lead to wrongful death in which an attorney can help file a claim.

Damages from Wrongful Death That Our Law Firm Can Pursue

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the loss of financial and emotional support can be devastating to a family. Because you are an immediate family member, or closest surviving relative, you are entitled to work with an attorney to seek compensation for being denied the company of the deceased. The settlement or judgment your lawyer helps you obtain should cover the earnings of the deceased as well as the fact that you have been deprived of his or her emotional support.

In order to collect the compensation for these damages, a lawyer will help you file a lawsuit. Whether the death was caused accidentally or intentionally, as your wrongful death attorney we can bring a civil lawsuit (not a criminal case). Through this lawsuit, you may seek compensation for:

• the income your loved one would have been able to earn in his or her lifetime;
• medical expenses following the accident;
• funeral costs;
• loss of companionship; and
• other emotional damages.

Each case is unique and your family may be entitled to other damages that your lawyer can evaluate and explain.

Do you need a wrongful death attorney?

A wrongful death is when the victim passes away due to the negligence of another party. Your wrongful death lawyer will help you present the evidence needed to show that the negligence of another caused the death of your loved one. Proving negligence in Ohio can be difficult without the knowledge and resources you obtain when working with a wrongful death law firm.

There are circumstances that must exist to file your case:

• The death must have been caused by the conduct of whoever is being sued.
• The conduct must have been negligent, or the defendant was liable for a victim’s death.
• There must be a surviving spouse, children, dependents or beneficiaries; the survivors have suffered monetary damages resulting from the death (this can include loss of income, funeral and medical expenses, etc.).

This is why you should consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. We will gather the facts of your situation and determine if all of the necessary circumstances are present. We will also determine the family representative on whose behalf we file the suit.

Most commonly, a wrongful death attorney sues on behalf of spouses and children, and sometimes parents. These legal matters can only be on behalf of a personal representative of the estate of the deceased. Ohio has set procedures governing how these lawsuits proceed, and a wrongful death law firm can be your source of information regarding these laws.

The unexpected loss of a loved one is never easy for a family, and legal matters are the last thing you want to worry about when making funeral arrangements and other life decisions. Our wrongful death law firm is dedicated to helping you ensure your legal rights are upheld so you can focus on your family needs.

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