Friday, January 25, 2013

Accidents Involving Large Trucks Are Serious Legal Cases

An accident with a commercial truck may result in serious injuries. This is largely due to the size difference between a tractor-trailer and a typical passenger vehicle. The higher rates of speed, larger weight difference, and sheer size discrepancies mean the occupants of the car may be at higher risk of serious injuries.

Aside from the risk of serious or fatal injuries, the legal matters in a case involving a commercial truck are also unique. Ask your truck accident injury attorney and they’ll tell you that truck drivers are under a different set of rules for driving than a regular driver. Aside from following the general federal and Ohio state traffic laws, truck drivers also must obey federal trucking laws for hours of continuous operation and other standards.

Another special circumstance of these claims is that, following a truck accident and injury, your law firm is not always filing the lawsuit against the other driver. In many cases, your truck accident injury attorney is going against a trucking company. As an accident victim, you don’t want to have to deal with a big company or its lawyers; you just want a fair settlement so you can recover from your injuries.

You may have already experienced the pressure tactics of the trucking company and insurance companies. They might prey on your emotional state following an accident. They want to intimidate you into accepting whatever they offer.

You probably don’t want to deal with negotiations for a settlement after experiencing the truck accident and resultant injuries. Our injury law firm knows that you have already struggled through physical suffering and mental anxiety after a collision involving a truck.

An injury attorney from Bressman Law has the specialty training and familiarity with trucking cases to evaluate the evidence needed for your case. When your truck accident injury lawyer determines you have a case, we develop it aggressively and negotiate for the money damages to which you have a right. We go on the offense to put them on the defense. We aim to take control so you regain the control “the big guys” were hoping to take away from you.

Most trucking companies have a lot of experience trying to get you to say or sign something that takes away your right to sue. Talk to your attorney before meeting with or speaking with a representative from the trucking company or an insurance adjuster.

Trucking Accident Statistics

• In 2010 there were 3,484 fatal accidents in the United States that involved large trucks, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

• Of the nearly 3,500 fatal accidents that involved large trucks, 123 of them occurred in Ohio.

• There were nearly three times more injuries among occupants of other vehicles involved in an accident with a large truck compared to truck drivers (estimated 58,000 injuries to occupants of other vehicles vs. estimated 20,000 injuries to occupants of large trucks in 2010).

• There were about five times more deaths among occupants of other vehicles involved in an accident with a large truck compared to truck drivers (2,790 deaths among occupants of other vehicles vs. 529 occupants of large trucks in 2010).

Car drivers and their loved ones go through a tragic experience – a loss of income, facing mounting medical bills, or losing a family member. Your truck accident injury attorney may go to court, or may negotiate a settlement to hold truckers and companies responsible. It’s your right after a truck accident to work with a law firm that can represent your rights throughout the claims process.

Truck driver carelessness, driver fatigue, speeding, aggressive, drunk or drugged driving, defective equipment and poor maintenance may lead to serious trucking crashes. Meanwhile, trucking industry income rose to half a trillion dollars recently, and is expected to double in five years. They have the money to compensate you fairly and a lawyer will fight for that right.

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