Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Medical Device Legislation

As some of you know, the U.S. Supreme Court recently made it all but impossible to pursue claims against the makers of medical devices. The decision has slammed shut the courthouse doors and allowed the manufacturers to continue making harmful devices without any worry about taking responsibility for the dangerous products they make.

There is pending federal legislation to help individuals who have been injured by medical devices. This proposed legislation is known as the Medical Device Safety Act of 2009 (“MDSA”) and it was introduced over a year ago. As of the date of this newsletter, neither the House of Representatives version, nor the Senate version of the MDSA has been passed. Without approval of the MDSA, it will be very difficult to defeat any corporation making harmful devices including Medtronics. Please, please contact your Congressman and both U.S. senators and ask them to support the Medical Safety Act of 2009. If ordinary people do not make the contact, this legislation will die along with the people using the defective devices.

Visit or to contact your senators and congressmen.

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