Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Does Car Liability Insurance Protect You Against?

When it comes to purchasing car liability insurance, some people, especially young drivers, don't really know what they're getting. They just know that it's a requirement and that if they do not have insurance, they cannot legally drive their car. So what exactly does car liability insurance do for you? Well, it can protect you from spending thousands of dollars if you're ever in an accident that was your fault.

If you are involved in an accident and it is ruled that the accident is your fault, you will quite possibly be responsible for any property damage and medical costs that everyone involved in the accident incurred. This is where liability insurance steps in. If you or anyone else at the scene of the injury needs emergency first aid, your insurance will cover that. It will also cover all other medical expenses for injuries, any medical bills for sickness caused by the accident (if you have to stand outside in the rain and get the flu, for example), and it will cover funeral expenses in the event of an accident-related death. Your liability insurance will also most likely cover compensation for the time you or others are not able to work and will cover your legal fees.

Property damage is also covered by your car liability insurance. This is certainly a good thing since sometimes, property damage can be two or three times the cost of any injuries or medical bills. Your insurance will help you pay for any damage you cause by driving into a home or other building, hitting a telephone pole or any signs, and for any damage caused to other vehicles.

As you can see, whatever you pay for car liability insurance will seem like a tiny amount if you ever have to pay for medical bills or for property damage. Once you see those bills, you'll be very glad you have insurance to help you with these expenses.

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