Monday, March 2, 2009

Questions For the Adjuster That Simply Won't Get Answered #6

Columbus, Ohio. Personal injury trial lawyer, David A. Bressman, has over 20 years of experience representing injury victims. Over that time period, he has come across many who have pretty basic, fairly easy questions that they would like the insurance adjuster to honestly answer. In his experience, most adjusters either refuse to answer or provide misleading information. He presents to you a series of questions, and likely insurance company responses.

"QUESTION 6: Shouldn’t I wait to settle the claim until my medical treatment concludes, or until I’m sure that I have made a full recovery?

ANSWER: Yes from your perspective but a big NO from the insurance adjuster's viewpoint. The insurance company knows that the quicker you settle the claim the less money it will have to pay out. Once you settle the claim you can’t reopen the case if it turns out your injuries are more severe than you originally thought or if you need more medical treatment. Most insurance companies have in place written directives to their claims departments to settle every claim as quickly as possible so the accident victim can’t reopen the case later if the person’s condition gets worse.

This happens quite often and, just as often, with tragic results. Once you sign a release of your claims with the insurance adjuster [always a prerequisite to getting a settlement check], you are, likely, forever and ever closing your ability to get fully and fairly compensated for your injuries should it turn out that you, as a result of the collision, began the process for herniating a disc or there was a missed fracture in the ER radiology department or..... Why take the chance? Get thoroughly evaluated and treated per doctor's orders BEFORE you sign off on your injury claim for the rest of your life.

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