Monday, October 13, 2008

Common Insurance Company Arguments/Excuses #9

Columbus, Ohio. According to David A. Bressman, a personal injury lawyer who limits his practice exclusively those injured in car accidents, insurance companies use many standard arguments when trying to minimize payment to injury victims. Here is #9 in this ongoing series:

"Claiming That You Are Not Really Injured and/or Minimizing Injuries" Part 1

• There was no complaint of pain by you to anyone at scene of accident.

• There is nothing in the police report to indicate that you complained of pain at the accident
scene nor did you request an ambulance when asked by the police office nor did you, on your own, request that one be sent.

• There were no physical signs or injury at scene of accident like cuts, bruises, etc.

• You did not go to the emergency room/urgent care/family doctor, or otherwise received no treatment, on the day of the accident or in the days following the accident.

• You told the at-fault driver or other people at the scene that you felt “Ok.”

• You gave a statement to the insurance company, either yours or that of the at-fault driver, that you were not injured in the accident.

• There is no medical opinion substantiating medical causation between the accident and your
physical or subjective complaints.

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