Friday, September 26, 2008

Common Insurance Company Arguments/Excuses # 7

Columbus, Ohio. According to David A. Bressman, a personal injury lawyer who limits his practice exclusively those injured in car accidents, insurance companies use many standard arguments when trying to minimize payment to injury victims. Here is #7 in this ongoing series:

"Your Injuries Are Invisible"

Many adjusters, often, I believe, purposely find it hard to accept the validity of injuries they can't see, especially those not well supported by objective medical evidence. Nonetheless, these injuries are real, and treatments can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you suffer these injuries you can endure lifelong pain and be unable to lead a normal life. But the adjusters are trained to be skeptical and doubtful. You KNOW these injuries are real but the adjuster just refuses to believe. These injuries can include:

■ Brain Injury
■ Fibromyalgia—symptoms include chronic widespread pain accompanied by fatigue
■ Chronic fatigue syndrome—an often debilitating disorder characterized by fatigue, pain, and cognitive disorders
■ Reflex sympathetic dystrophy or complex regional pain syndrome—a disorder of the sympathetic nervous system, characterized by chronic, severe pain without apparent cause.

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