Monday, June 30, 2008

Brain Tours

Columbus, Ohio. To best understand how a brain injury affects you or a loved one, one should be cognizant of how the brain functions. After reviewing dozens of websites, the one that I believe most successfully provides this information is found at: David A. Bressman

This is an excerpt from their opening page: "Think about it: if you had pain in your toes, you'd be wondering why. And if a doctor or nurse told you there wasn't enough blood getting to your toes, you'd probably want to know if it was a problem with your pump (heart), or your pipes (blood vessels), or maybe some valve or something. You might need to learn a little more about blood flow to your toes.

But what about if you have emotional pain (or fear, or obsessive thinking)? Where should you look to understand where that is coming from? Recent research has shown us specific brain structures that are involved in different mental health problems. Here you will find "Guided Tours" of some of those structures."

If you know of any other useful sites regarding brain injury, let me know and I'll be sure to share with others.

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